10 Reasons to Join MUFON

10 Reasons to Join MUFON…

1. MUFON is the largest UFO organization in the United States

2. MUFON members receive a monthly journal full of UFO information – read sample articles

3. MUFON investigates UFOs using scientific field investigation methods – search the MUFON case   reports

4. MUFON openly investigates without resorting to debunking tactics.

5. MUFON’s website is dynamically updated with the latest UFO news.

6. MUFON is a grass roots organization with chapters in every state

7. MUFON holds local monthly meetings near you.

8. MUFON sponsors an annual Symposium with exciting speakers

9. Contribute to a great cause with a non-profit 501c3 status – Non Profit Status Articles of   Incorporation

10. Network with other MUFON members and help solve the UFO mystery – MUFON Message Boards